Child Therapy

Child lookingChildren do not yet have the ability to posses the complete spectrum of verbal skills to be able to communicate their difficulties or needs. It is for this reason that therapy with children (or then, child therapy), is more optimal when it is sensitive to the child’s developmental stage and is fun, soothing, indirect and nonthreatening. In working with my little clients I utilise Teddy Bear Therapy and Play Therapy to address the behavioural, psychological and social difficulties that children tend to present with. My approach is holistic and family oriented which entails involving mom, dad and/or other relevant care takers to lend a helping hand in the process of assisting the child. My working method dictates that I see the primary care taker/s for a first session in order to gain a full picture of the child’s functioning so as to choose the best route in dealing with the presenting complaint and obtain optimal results.