Individual Therapy

Is Individual Therapy Effective and Can it Help Me?

What is Individual Therapy?

Individual psychotherapy is a complex subject and often hard to explain. The primary reason for this is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a problem. Every individual is unique, and so are their needs, presenting complaints, and maintaining variables. The therapeutic process differs from client to client and from one therapeutic intervention to the next. Individual therapy is therefore tailored in a person-centred fashion to suit each unique individual’s case.

Therapy takes place face to face as an interaction between the client and Psychologist where the client is experiencing some form of psychological discomfort, distress or dissatisfaction. The first session usually revolves around attaining a clear picture of the individuals presenting complaint and maintaining dynamics related to this. Treatment aims to address and resolve psychological distress and discomfort for the individual or their environment.

Therapy addresses presenting complaints in a goal-oriented manner. Destructive dynamics are then dealt with in a goal-directed manner that is logical, tangible, clear, and systematic. Through this process, the client is able to relieve distress, achieve goals and uphold a satisfying lifestyle on a long-term basis.

When is the Right Time to Seek Help? Will Therapy Help with My Problem?

You might experience distress or discomfort regarding your own or someone else’s functioning. This discomfort may interfere with your individual, occupational or interpersonal functioning, and can detract from your quality of life. You might experience distressing emotions and thoughts, or physical symptoms such as tiredness and pain.

Seeking help early is advisable before the problem escalates. You might find that you are often dissatisfied and unhappy. When experiencing feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to cope, then the time is right to seek help.

Clinical Psychologists are trained to effectively implement psychotherapeutic interventions from which the client can benefit in an empathic and unconditional environment that makes it safe to explore areas of your functioning that may otherwise be overwhelming or threatening.

How Does Individual Therapy Work and What Can I Expect During a Session?

Individual therapy is one-on-one therapy with your therapist, building a rapport. Various therapeutic approaches are utilised depending on the specific client, presenting complaint, and maintaining variables. Various aspects can be addressed in individual therapy such as depression; bipolar disorder; anxiety; trauma; phobias; eating disorders; learning disorders like ADD and ADHD; addiction; abuse; challenges with identity; and developmental-, occupational- or interpersonal challenges. Treatment could include person-centred-, dialectical behavioural-, cognitive behavioural-, behavioural-, interactional-, strategic- therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and hypnosis amongst many others.

The duration and frequency of therapy depends from client to client. At Erika Nell Clinical Psychology we do brief solution-focused therapy that typically takes 10-12 sessions, but shorter or longer therapies are also conducted and depend on the individual and the challenge. The frequency of therapy is usually once a week or once every second week, but is also adjusted to the specific client and their needs.

Does Individual Therapy Work?

Evidence-based psychotherapy can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Effective treatment can be a combination of various types of therapies, such as family therapy or strategic therapy.

Licensed professionals are making a difference in the lives of many by applying a therapeutic modality suited to the individual. The benefits of therapy are substantial. The human experience is complex; don’t leave mental health issues to chance.

Do you need to experience the benefits of individual therapy? Contact Erika Nell Clinical Psychology today to book an appointment or discuss your options. Erika Nell is a qualified independent Clinical Psychologist registered at the Health Professionals Council of South Africa.